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Education Grants have provided more than 3,000 children with new, positive, well-equipped schools in Laos, Thailand, Myanmar and Cambodia.



The University Scholarship Program for immigrants in Thailand and those from poor rural areas in Laos provides leading students with the opportunity to access tertiary education. The program funds all expenses including University fees, educational tools, accommodation, food and transport. 

A tertiary education not only provides the students with a skill-set enabling them to secure quality employment, but also ensures they are able to add significant value to the commercial and education sectors in their countries.

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Vocational Skills Training

Vocational Skills Training programs in Thailand have enabled at least 200 Burmese migrant students per annum have gained much needed skills to better prepare than for work in their new home, and at least 25 students per annum have completed the apprenticeship courses and are successfully employed in their chosen fields. 

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The Maternal Care Program in Cambodia has supported more than 1,000 mothers and their families by providing medical and educational support to better prepare them for birth, resulting in ZERO morality rates for mothers and and 98% birth rate. 100% of member babies were fully immunised.



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More than 400 members received financial and agricultural training through the Income Generation Program in Cambodia. Combined savings reached US$2,425 in the first 3 of the 6 phase program, with 100 members using member savings loans and 200 using project loans to fund small businesses to better secure their incomes.



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Social Businesses

Social Businesses provide an innovative long-term solution to overcome poverty and disadvantage in Asia. Projects are designed to develop sustainable businesses that generate stable and long-lasting income for communities to better secure their food and livelihoods.


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