Meet University Scholar Accountant Sean Pisey

Sean Pisey scholar accountant
Sean Pisey

Sean Pisey is 20 years old and lives in Samrong village, Siem Reap with six other family members, including parents and siblings. The community in which they live is a poor rural community and agriculture is the main source of income. Her mother earns around US$50 (AU$72) per month from doing irregular work. This income is not enough to meet the basic needs of the family, let alone pay for educational expenses.

Pisey graduated from Khnao Po school and went on to study at the Australian Centre of English in Siem Reap as part of Dana Asia’s vocational scholarship program. After graduating from ACE, Pisey applied for a university scholarship to study Accounting. She is now in her second year and enjoys the course because it is challenging and she has been able to make new friends. Her scholarship covers the cost of tuition as well as books, uniforms, accommodation, food, and any other university expenses. This means she can focus on her studies.

“This scholarship changed my life in many ways. My dream has been to study at university and I can do that now. I can improve my knowledge and I know my life will be better in the future. My dream is to become an accountant at a bank and earn enough money to be able to support my sister’s studies. I dream of seeing her graduate with a Master’s degree.”

Sean Pisey

In her spare time, she is also helping with accounting at KJC shop to gain experience in a real-life business and put her university learning into practice.

Sean Pisey in a group photo with other students

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