Promoting environmentally-sensitive practices

Our Sustainability Statement

Dana Asia is committed to working towards a just and culturally respectful world with equality of opportunity for women and girls.

A world where everyone collectively works towards a socially responsible economy that promotes sustainability and environmental best practice.

As part of this philosophy, Dana Asia aligns its work towards achieving the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals in all its projects.

dana asia sustainable development goals
Duncan Power
Duncan PowerCEO, Dana Asia

“We strive in all our work to ensure the generosity and intent of our donors, NGO partners and ESG/CSR sponsors translates into meaningful and measurable social and economic impact in the communities we serve. Dana Asia’s team is highly attuned to the collective sustainability imperative for all, so environmentally sensitive practices are kept front and centre in all that we do. We seek to grow and expand our social business and education program delivery capability, and work tirelessly and passionately for continuous improvement in every project we undertake. The empowerment of women and girls by addressing the root causes of inequality of economic opportunity and education – is paramount.”

Our Sustainable Development Goals

sustainable goal 1 no poverty

Dana Asia works in communities living below the poverty line in South East Asia and the Pacific, focusing on those most in need in areas of rural neglect and urban slums. These communities often have limited opportunities in training and work, trapping them in a cycle of poverty. Using microfinance and social business, we create income-generating opportunities for people to earn a living as a way of alleviating poverty.

Not only do we aim for these businesses to be viable and sustainable, we also build resilience into them to survive in times of unforeseen crisis.


sustainable goal 2 zero hunger

Hand-in-hand with poverty comes food insecurity. We believe people are unable to reach their full potential while struggling to feed themselves and their families.

Dana Asia supports the establishment of micro-businesses that promote enhanced food security, working with rural farmers and urban consumers to streamline food supply chains, improve farm productivity and make fresh goods available and affordable to urban poor communities.


sustainable goal 4 quality education

The world over, educational opportunities favour students from wealthier backgrounds. This education gap is all the more apparent in the developing world, where lower numbers of students from poor families finish high school and – without financial support – they have limited options for further education. Many young people from impoverished communities are sent to work in their teens to help support the family, limiting their options for a future outside a life of poverty.

Dana Asia believe all young people should have an equal opportunity to access education, and we strive to address this in our Education projects. High school and university scholarships remove financial barriers and improve access to further education for the most impoverished students. We remove access barriers by constructing and upgrading rural school buildings and their facilities to increase their capacity to educate more students and support them. Finally, we give the students’ parents opportunities to start their own small businesses to reduce the financial pressure on the family, allowing their children to complete their high school education.


sustainable goal 5 gender equality

In traditionally patriarchal societies, men and boys are often given priority in education and work. For families with several children who can only afford to send some children to school, it is more often the boys who are given schooling priority, while the girls will instead marry and have children young.

Dana Asia works to redress this balance in all projects by ensuring women and girls have equal access to business and education opportunities, with some projects aimed specifically at women and girls.


goal 8 decent work and economic growth2

Dana Asia believes everybody, no matter their background, deserves the opportunity of decent work. We work to increase opportunities for vulnerable communities to secure decent work through the promotion of entrepreneurship and self-employment.

How do we do this? By establishing small businesses and creating thriving micro-economies to raise GDP at a community level.


In all our work, Dana Asia strives to bring opportunities to the marginalised in order to reduce education and wealth gaps in society.

Marginalised communities are often excluded from joining training and work opportunities because of either financial, education or physical access barriers. Those communities tend to be the ones furthest away from accessing existing support and services; Dana Asia works to reduce the gap between those served and under-served communities.


sustainable goal 11 sustainable cities and communities

Dana Asia is committed to working holistically with communities to promote community-wide sustainability. We believe creating sustainable communities is the only way to address climate change at a large scale.

Carefully-designed projects that aim to make communities self-sufficient promote the importance of the local, and reduce reliance on large corporations to make goods more accessible and more affordable.


With the recent report from IPCC highlighting the extent of the damage to our planet caused by climate change, Dana Asia is increasingly looking at the environmental impact within our projects.

We believe we have a responsibility to our donors, our partners, our communities and the planet to look closely at our operations – and make changes where we can – to limit our negative impact on the environment. At the same time, we work hard to actively promote responsible consumption and production.


sustainable goal 13 climate action

Dana Asia works constantly to encourage positive climate action through both the projects we fund and our Advisory Services. In our Sustainable Agri-Social Business projects, Dana Asia promotes the production of organic fertilisers and works towards eliminating fossil fuel-based inputs.

Farmers use crop rotation practices, utilising cover crops and composting, to emit fewer greenhouse gases in farm production. We are also exploring the use of solar power to produce clean water in our various Poultry Social Business projects.