Corporate Social Responsibility

Partner with us to create impactful and sustainable CSR projects that meet your company’s objectives with measurable results.

Are you seeking an expert partner to help identify, implement, and achieve your company’s social objectives?

Dana Asia provides comprehensive advisory services to help corporates succeed in maximising the impact of their Corporate Social Responsibility and Environmental, Social and Governance activities. We will work with you to develop projects that are socially and environmentally responsible, helping you to fulfil your company’s CSR and ESG mission.

Help identify or clarify your company’s goals and CSR targets.

Recommend impactful and sustainable projects to meet CSR objectives and maximise charitable investments.

Provide a professional advisory service in CSR project implementation.

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Why work with Dana Asia?

Dana Asia is experienced at collaborating with a variety of stakeholders and has worked closely with marginalised communities throughout South East Asia since 2013. Our team has a comprehensive understanding of the complex context and environment in which we work, meaning we are well-placed to consult not only on the types of social projects needed to address urgent needs within these communities, but also ensure they are sustainable long-term.

An essential key to sustainability is partnering with like-minded local NGOs, cooperatives, and community groups through which projects can be implemented. Our local partners have innate on-the-ground knowledge and are able to help us develop locally-relevant solutions to the most immediate social problems. We are honoured to work in collaboration with clients to ensure their requirements are met, while also developing high impact, sustainable projects for the communities they choose to actively support.

Partnering with us guarantees CSR projects will be:

  • Impactful
  • Transparent
  • Individualised for the company

How we design your CSR program to maximise the social impact.

First, we meet with you to discuss your CSR objectives and your company’s goals in achieving social and environmental impact through CSR activities. We will explore any ideas your team might have and make recommendations for possible projects that could be developed to meet the specified CSR aspirations.

With some initial ideas in mind, our team explores the target community for community and needs assessments to identify key challenges and potential solutions. We also conduct network mapping to identify potential project partners for implementation. With this information, we can begin to develop a tailor-made project proposal that will be highly impactful in the community and meet your company’s needs.

We will meet with you to discuss the initial proposal, including key deliverables and a guideline budget. The proposal can be developed and amended based on your feedback. Once both parties agree on the draft plan, Dana Asia’s team commences the drafting of a full implementation plan, with budget and timelines.

The full plan includes all project activities, measurable outcomes, impact indicators, key partners, budget, and timelines. A sustainability plan is also included to ensure the life of the project beyond the implementation period.

The plan will be sent to you for review and feedback and any changes can be made, if necessary. Once the implementation plan is finalised, an agreement will be signed by all parties, detailing the roles and responsibilities for the project’s duration.

With agreements signed, funding in place, and a clear implementation plan, the project can begin. Dana Asia provides advisory to implementing partners as well as monitoring and evaluation throughout to ensure objectives are being met.

Reports on project progress will be to you as per your requirements – this can be full quarterly reports or shorter monthly updates, whatever you prefer. We also encourage company representatives to visit projects to see for themselves the impact their investment is having.

CSR Program Successes

We have successfully implemented and tailored CSR programs for several companies looking to make a social impact.

We can set up a CSR program for your company to achieve its social objectives.

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