Corporate Social Responsibility

Partner with us to create impactful and sustainable CSR projects that meet your company’s objectives with measurable results.

Are you seeking an expert partner to help identify, implement, and achieve your company’s social objectives?

Dana Asia provides comprehensive advisory services to help corporates succeed in maximising the impact of their Corporate Social Responsibility and Environmental, Social and Governance activities. We will work with you to develop projects that are socially and environmentally responsible, helping you to fulfil your company’s CSR and ESG mission.

We understand the importance of meeting CSR targets and ensuring CSR funds are used responsibly and for positive impact. Dana Asia adopts a social investment approach in which funds are disbursed as microfinance or social venture capital to give every donated dollar more than one life and reach more impoverished communities.

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Help identify or clarify your philanthropic objectives.

Recommend impactful and sustainable projects to maximise charitable investments.

Provide a professional advisory service in project implementation.

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Why work with Dana Asia?

Dana Asia is experienced at collaborating with a variety of stakeholders and has worked closely with marginalised communities throughout South East Asia since 2013. Our team has a comprehensive understanding of the complex context and environment in which we work, meaning we are well-placed to consult not only on the types of social projects needed to address urgent needs within these communities, but also ensure they are sustainable long-term.

Based in the Philippines? Let us be your EPR partner.

Partnering with us guarantees CSR projects will be:

  • Impactful
  • Sustainable
  • Individualised for the company

CSR Program Successes

We have successfully implemented and tailored CSR programs for several companies looking to make a social impact.