Poultry Outgrower Farmer Preap Rin secures an income to care for 9 household members.

Outgrower Preap Rin

Preap Rin is a 55-year-old outgrower farmer living in Phnom Dei village, Siem Reap province where she has lived her whole life. There are nine people living in her household, including her daughter, son, daughter-in-law, and three grandchildren. With so many mouths to feed, securing enough income is difficult. Preap Rin left school after Grade 3 and has never been able to find regular work. Before becoming an outgrower farmer, their household income was around US$120 (AU$175) per month. Her children find work in the construction industry, but the income is low and the work is difficult and dangerous. They are able to contribute only US$20 (AU$29) to the household income per month.

“I am 55-years old now and if I keep going well to take care of this project, I hope in 5-10 years to transfer responsibility of the shed to my daughter to help take care of her family in the future.”

Preap Rin

Preap Rin first became an outgrower farm in November 2020 and she has now successfully grown 8 cycles of chickens. She first wanted to become an outgrower farmer so that she could earn money while taking care of her grandchildren when her children go to work.

Her average survival rate across all cycles is 88 percent, higher than the 85 percent target for the program. With these excellent survival rates, she is able to earn an income of around US$250 (AU$363) per 90-day cycle. This is an increase to her average monthly income of 69 percent. With this extra income, Preap Rin is saving for when she is older in case she gets sick and needs money for medical bills. They also have savings they can use to enjoy special days, something they have never been able to celebrate before.

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