Sustainable Microfinance

Partnered with Grameen Pilipinas Microfinance Inc, Grameen-style microfinance with training and mentorship helps small business owners to start and grow businesses as a way out of poverty.

granted in microfinance loans since inception.
entrepreneurs successfully launched businesses with microfinance loans.
of member borrowers are empowered women.

Through partner Grameen Pilipinas Microfinance Inc, we give aspiring entrepreneurs in the Philippines an opportunity to establish and grow successful businesses, combining microfinance with training and mentoring to ensure long-term success.

Grameen Pilipinas Microfinance Inc (GPMI) models its approach after the teachings and successes of Nobel Laureate Professor Muhammad Yunus and the Grameen Bank of Bangladesh, targetting the poorest of the poor and playing on their strengths to become successful micro-entrepreneurs.

Marginalised communities are often excluded from mainstream micro-financing and other services, meaning they never get the opportunity to reach their full business potential. Dana Asia seeks to reduce social inequalities to bring equal opportunities to all, regardless of background.

GPMI strives to become a leader in “green microfinance”. Dana Asia works with GPMI to develop innovative new sustainable loan products for the startup of new businesses that are environmentally aware as well as socially impactful and economically viable. Some examples are eco agri loans for sustainable agribusinesses and the eco sari-sari store loan that aims to reduce the plastic waste created by GPMI sari-sari store client businesses.

Partnered with:
  • Socially Impactful
  • Economically Viable
  • Environmentally Aware

Will you help small business owners in the Philippines get out of poverty?

  • Provide loan opportunities to people who would usually be excluded from securing loan opportunities.
  • Support business training in entrepreneurship and financial management.
  • Give entrepreneurs a chance to establish and grow successful businesses.


gives 10 aspiring micro-entrepreneurs the microfinance capital they need to launch a small business..

Microfinance Success Stories

We empowered several small entrepreneurs to grow their businesses through microfinance, financial management, and business training.