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KJC Farm Project’s impact

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For the past five years, Dana Asia has supported KJC Farm, an international-standard poultry farm social business in Siem Reap, Cambodia, that trains low-income villagers in global best-practice poultry rearing techniques.

To scale KJC Farm’s impact, Dana Asia has designed the Outgrower project, which equips farmers with the resources to launch their own chicken rearing businesses from their homes and land. Carefully selected farmers are trained in biosecurity, chicken rearing and financial management before being granted an investment loan to assist the construction of a shed and purchase their first flock of chicks.

With the support of experienced international poultry industry professionals, Outgrower project farmers are able to raise flocks of up to 500 chicks per 90-day cycle. Farmers are then supported in the sale of mature birds into the local Siem Reap market, generating a sustainable increase in income and improved livelihood for families.

Siem Reap, Cambodia

Project location Siem Reap in Cambodia


Supports a Cambodian family to change their lives

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