Scholarships for marginalised students

Giving low-income students an equal opportunity to pursue further education.

Empowering the next generation by giving hardworking, enthusiastic students from impoverished backgrounds scholarships for further education that they would otherwise be unable to access due to financial and social barriers.

Dana Asia works with experienced and trusted in-country partners in Thailand, Cambodia and the Philippines to provide tailor-made scholarship programs to transform impoverished students into tomorrow’s leaders. An essential part of this is ensuring that all students receive the best possible education in order to succeed both in their studies and to become successfully self-supporting.

Each student’s journey is different: there is no one-size-fits-all scholarship. Scholarships could cover university degrees, vocational training, or English language courses – whatever meets the needs of the student. Our support includes not only university fees, but also accommodation, food and/or learning materials where needed. Dana Asia works with our donors, project partners and the students to find a scholarship opportunity that suits all.


Our scholarship recipients can continue studying without having to worry about school fees, accommodation, food, and learning materials, so they can focus on studying and creating a better future for their families.


Students are empowered through scholarships.


Further education facilities actively supporting marginalised students


We have facilitated scholarships for several bright, motivated students from impoverished families.

We work with trusted in-country partners in Thailand, Cambodia and the Philippines to manage scholarships for students.

US$1,500 to US$3,000*

Gives an impoverished student the opportunity of a university education for 1 year. *Exact cost depends on the course, university and country.





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