Sustainable Agriculture Social Business

Establishing community-based agribusinesses that utilise local resources to increase productivity and income to individual farmers and agricultural cooperatives in an environmentally sustainable way while improving food security.

Supporting farmers in rural Philippines to upgrade their small-scale family farms to agribusinesses through specialised training, upgrading equipment, and modernising techniques to promote organic agriculture as a sustainable and viable farming method.

With the growing importance of sustainable agriculture practices around the globe, Dana Asia is supporting the growth of sustainable agri-social businesses in the Philippines. Through specialised agri microfinance products, training, and business model development, the aim is to mature smallholder farms into profitable agribusinesses by improving equipment and farming techniques, upscaling production, and developing farm-to-market networks while mobilising agricultural cooperatives to realise agricultural potential, all with regard for the environment.

Why sustainable agriculture to fight poverty?

Increase income potential for rural farming families through increased productivity of small farms and cooperatives into successful agribusinesses.

Promote fair trading of crops and vegetables within marginalised communities, eliminating profiteering middlemen from the agri supply chain.

Promote organic and sustainable agriculture to increase food security in rural poor communities.

Sustainable Agriculture Impact

farmers supported upgrading their small businesses through training and microloans.
organic fertiliser production centre constructed and supplying organic fertiliser to 10 farms.
increase in income as a result of increased productivity.

How do we do it?

With microfinance partner GPMI, Dana Asia has designed a specific agricultural loan product for farmers to give them the capital they need to purchase equipment or farm inputs.

Technical skills training by agri experts in organic farming techniques, fertiliser production, crop rotation, and farm optimisation to improve operations and increase productivity.

We advise on business model development to upgrade farm productivity and support agricultural cooperatives to become more organised and certified as organic, and facilitate access to new markets through processed products, such as pickled vegetables.

Sustainable Agriculture Success Stories

We have successfully tailored and implemented the sustainable agriculture model for small farmers in rural Philippines.

Do you want to make an impact through this social business model?


upgrades small-scale farmer productivity to viable agribusinesses to increase income and address food security.