School building projects

Giving students in rural Cambodia a vital place to learn.


Students’ education is being compromised by a simple lack of availability and, where available, lack of space. Giving high school students a place to study vastly improves attendance and reduces the risk of students being sent to work instead of school.

Project description

For many students in rural communities across Cambodia, access to school is not always a given. In remote areas, students often have to travel 10km or more to their nearest school, and class sizes of 60+ are common at high school level. As a result, education standards are compromised and teachers and resources are overstretched. Many students in remote communities drop out of school early to work to support their families. Without an education, young people have few opportunities beyond unskilled work, continuing the cycle of poverty.

In order to lower drop-out rates and improve the provision of school education, expansion and improvement to basic infrastructure is desperately needed to cope with growing student numbers.

Project benefits

  • Increased access to schooling at all levels for remote, rural communities
  • Improved quality of education by reducing class sizes

$50-60,000 USD 

Builds a new 3-classroom block, including toilet block, furniture and water-treatment system

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