Ms. Lorm Salat and her husband Mr. Chor were the very first pilot farmers on the Outgrower program, joining the project in December 2018. They live with their two children in Phnom Dei village, around 20km outside Siem Reap town, Cambodia.

As a child in an impoverished family, Salat was forced to drop out of school after Grade 2 and was sent by her family to work on the local dumpsite – very dirty and dangerous work for a young child. Salat was still working on the dumpsite when Dana Asia first started working in the area, at which point Salat underwent training and came to work on KJC Farm. Due to an accident on a construction site, Chor is wheelchair-bound and largely unable to work so Salat takes the leading role in earning income for the family. Chor does some small jobs from home fixing bikes, but prior to becoming Outgrower farmers their monthly income was just 120 USD between them. When asked why she wanted to become an Outgrower farmer, she said she wants an opportunity to earn more income as “sometimes it is a struggle to buy rice and support my children’s education”.

When the Outgrower program launched in December 2018, Salat was the top choice to be the first pilot farmer. A shed was built on their land, specially designed so Chor could help take care of the chickens despite his disability. Salat and Chor have now successfully taken care of 7 batches of chickens (May 2021) and are earning an average income of 235 USD per batch. For a family like Salat’s living in poverty this additional income is substantial: it could be the difference between a child being able to go to school or not, a family being able to buy medicine or not for their sick children.