Project Description


Family Foundation and private donor funding.

Salat and her husband Chor live in Phnom Dei village, around 20km from Siem Reap, with their two young children. At the age of just 8, Salat was forced to drop out of school and sent to work on the Siem Reap dumpsite to help support her family. Working collecting plastic, cans and other recyclables from a dumpsite is extremely difficult and dangerous work and is no place for a child.
Chor used to be the main income earner in the family but after suffering a near-fatal work accident on a construction site, he is now wheelchair-bound. In 2016, Salat came to work on Dana Asia’s KJC Farm as a chicken farmer and became the main income earner. Prior to joining the KJC team, their household income was around $120 USD per month – nowhere near enough to support them and their two children.

In December 2018 Salat was selected as the first pilot outgrower farmer. A shed was constructed on their land which was adapted for wheelchair accessibility so that Chor can help with the chickens too. Now in 2020, Salat and Chor are earning approximately $300 USD per month and are able provide for the family adequately as a result of their Outgrower farm.

“I am very happy to be part of the Outgrower project. My husband cannot work due to an accident so my family rely on my income. At times it is a struggle; buying rice, kids going to school, everyday living costs. I’m just doing the best I can. Now I can raise chickens at home which is another source of income. With this extra income I hope that my kids can grow up and go to a good school so they can get good jobs to help the family.”
– Lorm Salat, Outgrower farmer, Cambodia