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CSR & ESG Advisory

Dana Asia provides advisory services to corporates to help them succeed in maximising the impact of their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) activities. We will work with you to develop projects that are socially and environmentally responsible, helping you to fulfil your company’s mission, while also observing your obligations to all project stakeholders.

CSR Advisory services
CSR project management

What is the process?

Dana Asia’s team will hold an initial meeting with you to discuss your requirements, including your company’s mission, vision and goals and any ideas you might have for a CSR or ESG project.

Next, we develop an initial project plan and a draft project budget, which act as starting points for further discussions and review.

Once the project concept is approved, Dana Asia provides a detailed implementation plan and assigns dedicated team members to oversee and be responsible for the project’s implementation, ensuring an open stream of communication throughout.

Designing your CSR/ESG project to MAXIMISE IMPACT

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