Agri-Social Business

Developing agri-value chains led by empowered farmers


Establishing community-based enterprises by utilizing local resources and appropriate support to local agri – value chain that would gain small farmers’ productivity, income to agricultural cooperatives and addresses food security.

Project description

Dana Asia develops projects focused on agriculture value chain financing, farm to poor community’s market network and home-based vegetable production. Through Dana Asia’s synergy, active people’s participation is generated, farmers’ are appropriately capacitated, local agricultural potential are realized and progressive impact to community outreach programs is achieved.

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Project benefits

  • Increased productivity of small farms, Cooperatives developed their agri-business and fair trade of vegetables to marginal communities
  • Food and nutrient supplement from home grown vegetables in urban poor communities

$120 USD

Provides an urban poor family with a DIY home based container sustainable vegetable growing package and app-tech support

$1,000 USD

Supports a group of small farmers on their farm inputs and agri-technologies to gain sustained productivity

$3,000 USD

Develops and incubates an agri-business value chain of farmers cooperative

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