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Are you seeking help and guidance to identify, implement and achieve your foundation or company’s social objectives? For more than 10 years, Dana Asia’s expert team has successfully assisted foundations and companies with their philanthropic and community engagement programs. Our team provides tailored advice that draws on 50 years’ collective experience working in some of the world’s most impoverished locations. We help organisations achieve measurable, high-impact results through sustainable and scalable social development.

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Charity Advisory Services

Tailor a life-changing program with our expert advisors

Dana Asia has championed the practices of fair-trade supply chains, microfinance, social business and youth-led entrepreneurial education throughout Asia Pacific, in coordination with the aspirations of our donors. Our team would be delighted to support and guide you to meet your organisation or foundation’s social objectives by tailoring a meaningful and far-reaching program that will bring life-changing benefits to impoverished communities – one person at a time – today.

Please get in touch to find out how Dana Asia’s experienced team can help your organisation meet its social objectives today.

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Charity Advisory Services

Why work with us?

Dana Asia is experienced at collaborating with a variety of stakeholders and has worked closely with marginalised communities throughout South-East Asia for more than a decade. Our team has a comprehensive understanding of the complex environment in which we work.

This in-depth local knowledge means we are ideally positioned to consult not only on the types of social projects needed to deliver vital aid and relief to those most impoverished, but also those that will be most effective within our target communities. Our local community partners have innate knowledge to identify the best, locally-relevant solutions to the most immediate social problems.

We are honoured to work in collaboration with Dana Asia’s donors and Advisory Services clients to ensure their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) requirements are met, while also developing high impact, sustainable projects for the communities they choose to support.

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