Grant Making


Our footprint in Asia is increasing significantly!

We enable individuals, families and institutions including social venture funds to grant make and invest effectively and transparently in Asia.

With the help of trusted partners and networks who have been through our stringent due diligence, we have made grants successfully and impacted visible change in diverse parts of the Asia Pacific including: Australia & New Zealand, Bangladesh, Cambodia, China, East Timor, India, Indonesia, Laos, Myanmar, Nepal, Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam. 
Our advisory and grant making has resulted in:

  • Building of schools thereby improving educational standards and future opportunities for Burmese Refugee children in Thailand and children from poverty stricken regions of Cambodia and Laos;
  • The design and equipping of a hospital to provide free medical treatment to pregnant mothers and their families in Cambodia;
  • Funding of a surgical facility to improve the health outcomes of vulnerable children and their families living around a hazzardous dumpsite in Cambodia;
  • Development of new micro-financing projects to support disadvantaged and marginalised families in Cambodia and the Philippines;
  • Establishment of training courses in Thailand to assist migrant students to access university education and training courses for migrant students to better prepare them for work.
  • Investment in start-up Social Businesses using Professor Yunus’ Seven Principles