Duncan Power

Position: CEO, email: duncan@danaasia.org Duncan

Duncan Power has over twenty years experience working in the not for profit and social enterprise worlds in a financial and advisory capacity. 

Duncan joined British registered Bank Mercury Provident (now known as Triodos Bank) in 1989 as CEO following a career in Accountancy in New Zealand. The bank specialised in making loans to organisations that were for community benefit as well as being financially viable. During the 5 years he was at the helm of this bank, the balance sheet grew over 600%.

After 5 years in the role and overseeing the successful merger with Triodos, he was appointed by Charities Aid Foundation (CAF) in London as Manager responsible for establishing a social investment loan fund for Charities. Now registered as a bank itself (Charity Bank), the fund grew quickly following the success of getting 99.5 loans back out of the first 100 made, despite being unsecured and considered as being un-bankable deals by the UK banking community.

After three years in the role Duncan was yearning to come back to the Southern Hemisphere and put forward a business development plan to establish CAF in Australia finding the necessary matched funding for CAF in the UK to give their backing to the venture. Ten years with Duncan as CEO, CAF in Australia has facilitated grant making to the Not for Profit organizations in Australia and the Asian region of over AUD120 Million. Annual donations facilitated in Australia amounting to nearly 1% of total Australian tax deductible donations by 2009.

Duncan also headed-up CAF’s Asian grants management work that made grants to developing world Asian projects that have positively influenced over 1 Million peoples lives in its first 3 years of operations.

Duncan has over 20 years of working experience with the community sector, directly in an executive capacity, as a volunteer and as a non-executive Director. He has been the Chair of a number of Boards and Committees in diverse range of community organizations including a UK grant making foundation, an aged care facility and a school. Duncan is also a former director of INAISE, an international networking organisation for social investment organisations based in Brussels.

Duncan’s passions include “making a difference for those in need”, meeting people, philosophy, travelling, trekking, kayaking, sailing and soccer.


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Mark Del Greco

Position: Director of Strategic Development, email: mdelgreco@danaasia.org

Mark Del Greco has 8 years experience working in grassroots community development and human rights advocacy in southeast Asia.

Mark came to the region as a US Peace Corps volunteer assigned to Thailand where he lived and worked in rural communities. He collaborated with government offices, schools, and villagers to identify community needs and develop effective solutions to improve the livelihood of community members. The highlight of his service was the establishment of a youth group which received national recognition from the Royal Family of Thailand and served as a youth development best practice model for Peace Corps-Thailand.

Mark then joined the Foundation for Education and Development (FED), an organization dedicated to assisting Myanmar migrants in Thailand and Myanmar achieve recognition of their fundamental rights. While serving as Development Director, Mark led the organization’s grant-writing, fundraising, and donor relation activities. Additionally, he was responsible for leading program development and implementation for an average of 15 projects per year and the overall management of a team of 65 Myanmar and Thai staff.

His most recent endeavor is the launch of a training restaurant to provide impoverished migrant youth with hands-on training and work experience resulting in improved employability and higher wages. The restaurant program is based in southern Thailand and will operate as a social business with profits reinvested into growing the program and supporting migrant learning centers. To ensure the quality of the restaurant, the program has partnered with multiple Thai and Japanese hospitality and restaurant companies.

Additionally, Mark is considered a leading field-level expert in human and labor rights in Thailand, having consulted for international rights organizations and federations.

Mark is originally from Minnesota, USA and is currently based in Thailand. He is fluent in Thai and has speaks Burmese at an intermediate level.

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