Elizabeth Masamune PSM

Elizabeth Masamune (Chair) has had a long career serving as a diplomat and Senior Elizabeth Photo2 S2 1Trade Commissioner with the Australian Trade Commission in Asia, specifically Japan, Indonesia, Vietnam and South Korea. She was awarded the Public Service Medal in 2006 by the Australian Government for outstanding service in advancing the interests of Australian firms in Asia.

Since leaving the Australian Government in 2014, Elizabeth has re-located back to Japan and established @Asia Associates Japan, Inc. where she focuses on providing advice to firms on leadership and mentoring for women in business, encouraging female entrepreneurs, and bridging cross cultural communication gaps in business.

Elizabeth is a member of the Chiba University Management Advisory Board in Japan, and leads the Japan-based Future Leaders Program on behalf of the Japan Australia Business Cooperation Committee. She is a Graduate of the Australian Institute of Company Directors and the Japan Institute for Board Director Training. Elizabeth serves as a Non-Executive Director at Advangen Inc, the Japanese subsidiary of ASX listed company Cellmid.

A fluent Japanese speaker, she is also proficient is several other Asian languages.

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Welcome to Dāna Asia

Welcome to dāna asia

dāna (Pali, Sanskrit: द।न dāna) is generosity or Giving. In other Asian cultures, it is also the practice of cultivating generosity.

dāna asia is an organisation committed to helping current and aspiring philanthropists to donate in a transparent and sustainable manner.

“I very much appreciate and am proud to see this new school building happening in our community because from now on the parents of the children from all the communities living around this area will have no more worry on where they should send their children to study when their children reach school age. They will have a bright future while they are able to continue their study.”

Staff Member from recently completed school in Thailand

“I am hopeful for my business, my income will increase as a result of my expanded business.” 

Recipient of funds from Micro-Financing Project in Cambodia.

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Nasir Haji

Nasir Haji

Nasir Haji is the Managing Partner of a  very large Shipping Company in South-East Asia. He was born in Kashmir India, but is now based in Singapore and is a Singaporean citizen.

Besides Shipping Industry, Nasir has interests in restaurants and mining. He also leads a family charity trust which is running 3 Schools in a very remote area of Kashmir.

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Prometheus Siddiqui

Prometheus Siddiqui is a development professional who was academically trained in AAEAAQAAAAAAAAJaAAAAJDhjOWU1YWUwLWU3YTQtNDNkOS1hYTliLTlhOWIzNjAzZTRjMAeconomics with a significant range of experiences including economic research studies, financial analysis, business plan formulation, project management, external relations and communications. As a member of the executive and management team Prometheus promotes the organization into the corporate and donor market and to the expanding Grameen network, formulates strategies and action plan for the Grameen Australia group and manages and provides support to social business, microfinance and other special projects in Australia and other regions (such as Bangladesh, the Philippines and Cambodia).

Prometheus commenced his career at a multinational investment bank (NDB Capital Limited, with HQ in Colombo Sri Lanka) as a management associate and went on to serve as a volunteer consultant in the Inclusive Finance team of UN Capital Development Fund (UNCDF) at the regional headquarters of United Nations in Bangkok, Thailand. He has been working with the Grameen family of companies chaired by Nobel Laureate Professor Muhammad Yunus since 2012. As the Coordinator of the Social Business Unit and a management team member of Grameen Telecom Trust, he managed a wide range of income generation and livelihood social business projects.

Prometheus completed his Bachelor of Science in Economics (minor in finance and accounting) from North South University, Dhaka, Bangladesh, with academic distinctions (summa cum laude) while working as a teaching assistant. He is the first Bangladeshi recipient of an international scholarship, the Chevron International REACH Scholarship. He has completed the Master of Business degree at Victoria University with High Distinction average and tutors in the University’s Masters program and at the Asia Pacific International College. Prometheus is a published writer for newspapers and magazines, and has served in international and national voluntary organisations and philanthropic causes.

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About dāna asia

For over two decades our founders have been involved with social change projects and programs focused on equity and justice in Asia.


Our experience in advising and guiding Philanthropists in Japan, China, Singapore, the United Kingdom and Australia has led to fulfillment of their philanthropic and social investment aspirations.


We offer advice, co-ordinate grants and undertake due diligence, with the highest levels of accountability and transparency to Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, Vietnam, China, Hong Kong, the Philippines, India and Bangladesh.


Collaborating with Private Wealth Advisors, Banks and other Professionals, we have crafted philanthropic and social investment plans for our donors and guided their passions and strategies.

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Vision and Mission

Dana Asia’s vision and mission is simple and strategic


Build an equitable Asia with significant philanthropic investment and commitment that enables sustainability and development.


Together with our partners we aim to make a real, substantial and long-term difference to disadvantaged peoples’ lives in Asia.

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Our History

We have advised corporate, family and individual clients on their philanthropic and social investments in a diverse range of geographies – cutting across sectors and issues.

Using a range of financial instruments we have enabled investments in the philanthropic and social enterprise sectors through loans, micro credit and social venture funding to create sustainable means to alleviate poverty.

Engaging with diverse diasporas, our founders have spearheaded pioneering research and action oriented initiatives in the Asian region for over a decade.

Building awareness has always been part of the overall mandate and we have provided training on aspects of high impact grant making and corporate social responsibility.

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